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This set of 19 tutorials on colorimetry and visual appearance includes tutorials on: CIE Colorimetry, 3D Printing, Measurement of Advanced BRDF, Measurement of Sparkle and Graininess, were given virtually in 28-29 July 2020.

Dr Kaida Xiao is converted the tutorial, The reproduction and Measurement of 3D object and also gave a talk in the tutorial

3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing technology, is one of the most revolutionary technologies in recent years. Yet despite the advances in production technology, characterizing the surface appearance of 3D objects remains a challenge. Methods of analysis and measurement are highly desired that can economically capture the relevant physical properties of materials and their visual appearance independent of viewing conditions. This research topic is defined as one of the top priority topics by CIE and known as Research Strategy: Reproduction and Measurement of 3D objects. This tutorial will focus on this research topic to introduce recent research related to 3D printing technology, measurement of 3D objects, the appearance of 3D objects, and colour difference of 3D objects.

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